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Maybe Miuccia thought these detachable pieces could be a greater solution to cumbersome coats, especially with global warming (though expect the collars and lapels to be as expensive as entire coats if they will ever be sold separately...).At times there was a state of disarray with frayed knit elbow patches, worn fabrics and mis-buttoned shirts, not to mention the multi-coloured knitted patchwork cardigans of the sort you will surprisingly discover at the bottom of your grandmother/aunt's wardrobe and shrunken checked jackets with a vintage look upon them.A sequel is in the works, How To Be Famous, followed by How To Change the World.“I want teenage girls to think differently, because that’s what art and culture always did for me — made me feel that I could change the world.

She opted for a set recreating via simple multi-levelled chipboard panels a town square (suspended between De Chirico's mysterious squares and M. Escher's illusions) where people of different social status and backgrounds meet (well, that's her vision since, usually, most of us don't really mingle with people sitting in the front row...).

So, rather than being pessimistic about the world, she was just being tremendously optimistic about herself, reminding us that she's still the keeper of keys to gold chests, otherwise why were people deliriously screaming at the very end of the show when she came out to take her bow?

Johanna Morrigan, the protagonist of Caitlin Moran’s new coming-of-age novel How to Build a Girl, is an unlikely heroine next to fictional superstars Katniss Everdeen and Bella Swan.

After having watched Penis Size Insecurity By Men, it’s now time to move on to lesson two and have a look at womens insecurities: The Perfect Vagina.

Fronted by Lisa Rogers, this documentary focuses on the rise in vaginal cosmetic surgery, specifically labiaplasty.

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I want to pass on that feeling of electric possibility to anybody who reads my stuff.

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