Sex cam ottawa

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Sex cam ottawa

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But selling sex itself is not a crime, and that’s why the Victoria Police Department says its approach to prostitution laws on the streets or indoors is complaint-driven. Allison Johnson, one of two officers who provide support to sex workers.

The department has even introduced two dedicated officers to check in on sex workers to build trust with some of the city’s most marginalized, stigmatized and endangered residents. Ultimately, police want to make sure more sex workers feel comfortable reporting violence.

“We don’t want to arrest anyone who’s treating you with respect.

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It’s a reality felt by sex workers on Victoria’s streets who are forced to follow clients into the shadows for money.

“They need to be away from the public eye and in the dark, and who’s to say that it doesn’t go wrong?

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Workers like Katrina say without those organizations, many would feel less safe because of those laws intended to protect them.