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David signed autographs for promoters' and policemen's daughters, and chatted with well wishers.It was a high moment for him; a triumph, he called it. "I've arrived.""Think about it," said Henry Diltz. David was an actor, looking for a break, and then this Partridge Family TV show comes along.According to authorities, 249 people were arrested on prostitution charges across the county.Of those arrested, 21 were directly related to Super Bowl activities and prostitution. And I'm smiling, I'm healthy, I'm a family man.

Some of the notable arrests include: Houston Fire Department firefighters Alprentice Blanks and Yeuy Teang; Houston ISD senior manager Emile Fair (the district says he does not work around children); Efrail Velasquez, who had his 4-year-old child in the car when he tried to buy sex, according to HPD; Wayne Jones, a retired HPD Sergeant."Is this embarrassing?I won't do concerts anymore, I won't wake up in the morning feeling drained, and I won't be working a punch card schedule. I've had them with a gun at my head, almost, saying "Record, 'cause we've gotta get the album out by Christmas! It had been a busy day – two hour-long interviews in the morning; a press conference at New York City College; a rehearsal all afternoon; a session with gossip columnist Earl Wilson; and pictures for the Cancer Society. "Only three weeks earlier that same David Cassidy had set an attendance record at the Houston Astrodome, selling 56,723 tickets to two matinees on the same day. Madison Square Garden was filled five balconies full an hour before the matinee with 20,650 excited females – the same girls who more than 20 years ago would have wept for Sinatra and 10 years ago for Elvis. I see my skin very brown and leathery, with a bit of growth on my face. I have some grey hair over to the Hippopotamus," Henry instructed."Aw, Henry, let's go back to the hotel," pleaded David Cassidy, who sat slumped down in the back seat."Heeey," chided Henry. Let's just see what's happening."David slumped further in the joyless back seat, muttering his consent.Jones retired 17 years ago from the Burglary and Theft Division at HPD.Like the hundreds of others, he's accused of trying to buy sex from an undercover female officer.

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More than 200 people were arrested during a 10-day sting that included Super Bowl 51 week in Harris County.

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