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Remarkably, the first location to look at in this regard, is Britain and its arcane usage of the Imperial Measurement System.Imperial Measurements, two words guaranteed to produce a shudder of horror in all school children until the coming of metrication.

The answer to this is remarkably simple, but there is a great deal of background information that needs to be understood before this simplistic answer can be recognised.Kolik lidí pohltila touha, rozluštit tajemství pyramid?Kolik lidí věnovalo své životy objevování dalších kusů skládanky se jménem Egypt?It is this use of Pi as a base structure to the Imperial Measurement System that has determined its peculiar nature and has also determined the length of that awkward 51/2-yard rod.Pi is not a nice round decimal number and therefore does not lend itself easily to sub-divisions.

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Additionally, it is an answer that is relatively simple, which, according to the premise known as Occam's razor, is always the test of a good theory.

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