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One clarification: When we talk about sex-workers in this book, we refer to the majority who are poor.We have not looked into the situation of relatively better-off sex-workers who would be a small minority anyway.We're helping to build community-based child protection activities that support vulnerable children and help parents protect their children.We're establishing child protection committees in local communities, holding community meetings and information sessions, and creating child-friendly spaces and youth groups to give vulnerable children a space to play and learn.We cannot but side with them, and that is not just for emotional reasons.

We provide training on child rights for children, parents, teachers, and government to improve the health of the most vulnerable children, and protect them from abuse.

We can only hope to be worthy of the trust and friendship that they continue to offer us.

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The five long years since then have only deepened our depressing conviction that this is a livelihood that denies a sex worker her entire life.

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